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< Glee > Your Hidden Language

Title: Your Hidden Language
Prompt: Written for the Warblers Winter Gift Exchange over at daltonacademy! Part of the prompt mentioned the song “What Beautiful Stars” by Yiruma so I had that on repeat while I wrote this.
Author: crazedwolf
Rating: G (Fluff fluff~)
Series: Glee
Characters: David, Wes
Warnings: Ah…the existence of Wes and David and Dalton?
Summary: He had long since learned how to read into the music.
Author's Notes:
Okay, so after my third time attempting this, I finally got something that I was pleased with and I really hope this is something close to what you were after! C: Happy Holidays and I hope you enjoy it! And thank you again to the wonderful antepathy for reading this over for me!

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Glee Icons!

Icons from the episode "Silly Love Songs"! All icons are related to the Dalton Warblers because I adore them so very much. <3 And, for the record, the two at the end were just something I did for the hell of it. xD They aren't meant to be anything special, just cracky!


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< The Great Mouse Detective > Requiem for a Bad Romance

Title: Requiem for a Bad Romance
Prompt: N/A
Author: crazedwolf
Beta: Quite a few people; thanks to all of you! I really appreciate it! BD
Rating: PG-13? I dunno.
Series: The Great Mouse Detective
Characters: Basil, Ratigan
Warnings: Um...Crack. Is that a valid answer?
Summary: “I never knew you were so easy, detective.”
Author's Notes:
Yeah um....well, see, one day I was in this magical place called an MSN Chat with some crazy people. One of the crazy people mentioned this movie and...yeah. YEAH. I DON'T KNOW. I BLAME ocelli! And it just so happens to be her birthday. SEE HOW THAT WORKS?

But no, seriously, this was something that I came up with at work and I'm sorry if it's OOC at all are just plain...-waves hand-


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